Some situations require empty containers and/or sprayers to be supplied in non-standard lot sizes, which can be supplied directly to the retail or end customer. We offer non-standardised packages, like combined bottles, jars and triggers, in a carton box or plastic bag.

For professional cleaning and garden care, our assembly of professional triggers and long dip tubes gives our customers the opportunity to deliver these service items with their containers.
The assembly services we offer can add value to your contract packaging project. Our versatile and strategic solutions deliver professional results at very affordable prices. We can assemble any combination of items, including packages, bottles, jars and triggers to create a distinctive packaging configuration.

eCommerce Solutions

Our team has provided eCommerce and mail order solutions for clients for many years and has a large portfolio of standard products to help you fulfil your customers’ needs.

Over recent years the development of eCommerce has demanded innovative packaging.

What makes good eCommerce packaging?

Dimensions suitable for postal boxes

Leak tested

Strong and durable


Ready to find your solution?

Solutions for every online market

From solid to liquid based packaging solutions, no matter what your online market is, our team can provide a range of packaging types suitable for every occasion and product type.







Why choose our team for eCommerce?

  • Hundreds of standard products
  • Full range of bottles, tubes, jars, closures and dispensers
  • Quality testing including drop and vacuum leak testing
  • Full range of polymers including many sustainable solutions
  • One-stop-shop for design, tooling, manufacture and decoration
  • Custom manufacture for bespoke solutions
  • Award-winning eCommerce solutions
  • Low MOQs and flexible manufacture to help you grow
  • Experienced advisors – working with you every step of the way

Sustainable options

From biopolymers to post-consumer recycled material our team offers various sustainable solutions to suit your needs.

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