Your image on the shelf does not only depend on the shape and design, but also on the colour of your packaging. We work with different partners for the supply of colourants for different materials and processes.
In order to ensure a smooth sampling process and translation into industrial production, our suppliers often work with the same raw materials and with the same processes as the production plants. This minimises errors and shortens the time to market of coloured packaging. As we supply different packaging, we can mostly use same pigments and recipe for different materials, resulting in a perfect colour match. The colour matches we provide can be on colour plaques, but we can send you the final result if you want.


Colourants and UV additives can be added as masterbatch or in a liquid form. Both forms have their advantages and disadvantages. While a liquid is very useful for translucent coloured items as it ensures a stable colouring process and a low cost per unit, masterbatches have a longer shelf life and can carry more pigment, making them more suitable for smaller runs and opaque coloured items.

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